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DHIS 2 Support and Hosting

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Custom Development

System Design and Data Modeling

We have extensive experience designing DHIS 2 and other information systems, including database design and data modeling. We have worked with a wide range of humanitarian NGOs, development organizations, and national governments to design effective systems that allow you to collect, analyze and report data with ease. Let us help you leverage the information you collect to make smart investments and create lasting change.

Collaborative Efforts

BAO works collaboratively with our clients to understand requirements and constraints while working towards accomplishing the goals of our clients. BAO believes an organization’s objectives can be accomplished best by working with us as a close partner throughout the project.

System Integration and Interoperability

New information systems must integrate with auxiliary and legacy systems to be a success. BAO Systems can make sure your data flows seamlessly between systems so you can do the work you need to do without worrying about the technology that supports it.


Access to Data That Matters.

Case Study

Information technology assessments provide valuable insight and direction that help you identify the problems you need to solve and the right solutions to solve them. BAO Systems can help your organization with evidence-based measurements of your information technology capacity, infrastructure, resources, vulnerabilities, and risks.