The BAO Systems team contains top-level software developers with first-hand knowledge and experience with the DHIS 2 platform. Our team includes core software developers from the DHIS 2 project, giving us the insight needed for producing well-designed extensions to the system.

Software development services
BAO Systems is here to help you solve your needs which are not covered in the main-line DHIS 2 distribution. Contact us for a consultation today and let us know about your special requirements. Read on to learn more about our offerings.
App development
When customized or extended user interfaces based on the services part of the DHIS 2 Web API is needed, a Web App is a great alternative for delivering what is needed. BAO Systems experienced software developers can develop custom apps for your special requirements based on client-side technologies such as Javascript, CSS and HTML5. We build mobile-first Apps which scale well down to smartphones and tablets. You can view examples of Apps at
Java software module development
In certain cases, extending the data model and service layer of DHIS 2 and other Java-based systems are required to handle organisational requirements. The BAO Systems team contains core software developers of the DHIS 2 project and has the skills and overview needed for producing high-quality modules which blend well into the overall architecture. We have great skills in converting business requirements into good design and well-structured source code.
Look-and-feel customization
Want to customize your DHIS 2 instance in order to make it appear as your organisation's official system? We assist with customization of style and look-and-feel, including organisation logos, colors and style sheets. We manage the customization work on your behalf, so that you can continue to use the standard DHIS 2 releases and easily upgrade your system when new point and bug-fix releases are available.