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DHIS 2 Analytics and Visualization Training

FHI 360, Washington, D.C.

Date: Apr9

Location: FHI 360, Washington, D.C.





DHIS 2 offer comprehensive and powerful capabilities for data analytics and visualization. The system has been greatly improved over the last releases with new apps for data visualization, maps, and dashboards. These apps offer a completely new look-and-feel and a vast range of new features. The training will allow you to get on top of the latest and greatest DHIS 2 functionality and improve your ability to create meaningful data analytics.

The course will be useful for newcomers to DHIS 2 who want to learn the basics of analytics, as well as experienced DHIS 2 users who want to learn about the new possibilities of the software.

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with DHIS 2 is a plus but not a requirement.

Target audience: People who want to expand their knowledge of the capabilities for data analytics and visualization in DHIS 2.


– Lars Øverland, DHIS 2 Tech Lead, and BAO Systems Lead Architect

– Dr. Busoye Anifalaje, BAO Systems, Vice President – Implementation and Consulting Services

– Tim Harding, BAO Systems, Implementation Specialist

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