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Along the way, BAO Systems has designed and built several focused products; therefore in February 2018 we launched our Products Group and are developing a series of new and exciting reporting, visualization, and DHIS 2 Apps. In the meantime, learn more about some of our existing app, tools, and products:

BAO Integration Driver
The Integration Driver provides a fast, easy, and powerful way to move data between DHIS 2 instances. The driver pulls data from one server, and pushes it to another. A common scenario is moving key metrics and data from country instances to a centralized HQ instance.

BAO Import Foundry (BIF)
The BIF app runs natively in DHIS 2 and offers a jump start on configurations for organizations that launch many DHIS 2 projects annually. Easily import metadata objects and properties in bulk via csv files and be up and running quickly. BIF takes away the need to perform all configuration manually via the DHIS interface.

BAO KoBo Connector
With BAO’s KoboToolbox Connector, you can easily recreate surveys and import data into your DHIS 2 instance with an intuitive and easy-to-use app inside of your existing DHIS 2 instance.

BAO Tableau Connector
The BAO Tableau Connector uses the Tableau Web Data Connector (WDC)  to move DHIS 2 data into Tableau Desktop. You can use the beta version by using the WDC in Tableau and pointing to the following URL:

BAO Dish Tool
Dish is a command line tool for interaction with the DHIS 2 Web API. It aims at simplifying common tasks and is suitable for handling batch metadata operations, system maintenance operations and more.

BAO CentOS Install 
Want to get DHIS 2 up and running quickly to test on a Linux system? Check out our free and basic setup script for a quick and simple install. This is not suitable for production environments.