BAO Analytics Platform

Combine worlds of data to discover innovative insights

Ingest and align multiple and varied datasets, in real-time, with our curated library of public data, in a secure cloud-based data warehouse, where data is accessible to popular machine learning (ML) and business intelligence (BI) tools.

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User-friendly navigation

The BAO Analytics Platform allows users to easily navigate the process of ingesting, cataloging, transforming, and creating integrated analytics. The cloud-based BAO Analytics Platform will be readily accessible to end-users, ranging from data scientists to non-technical staff, to system administrators.

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Data ingestion

Seamlessly connect to popular data tools and systems, including DHIS2.

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Public datasets

Access a curated library of public datasets to enrich analysis and uncover new insights.

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Explore, predict, and alert

Harness predictive analytics, machine learning, alerts, and notifications to improve insights.

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Connectors to popular BI tools

Streamline data analytics, visualization, and sharing using premier tools in real-time.

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Why use BAO Analytics Platform?

Eliminate data silos

BAO Analytics Platform allows users to merge previously siloed datasets to facilitate a more holistic understanding of available data. Users will be able to more quickly identify trends, uncover program inefficiencies, diagnose bottlenecks, and achieve greater impact.

Create custom visualizations

The platform offers connectors to leading business intelligence tools such as Power BI and Tableau for self-service analytics and dashboards that can be shared widely, enabling real-time data visualization and use.

Empower staff

The BAO Analytics Platform alleviates the burden on staff to repeat the often manual process for exporting, transforming, and running reports, ultimately increasing staff efficiency and productivity.

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