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Easy DHIS2 management, stability, security, and performance

Use DHIS2 without having to actively manage the hosting environment. We offer fully managed, scalable, cloud-based hosting.

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Why host with BAO Systems?

Deploying information systems, especially across multiple countries that span different continents, comes with challenges. The global cloud infrastructure service provides users with high availability in multiple time zones and enhanced scalability to handle the increased load that follows increased adoption of the system.

BAO Systems goes beyond the basics to provide matchless hosting support. We partner with industry leaders to maximize reliability and minimize cost.

Included with all hosting plans

System Monitoring

We offer 24 / 7 monitoring and support, meaning that if a DHIS2 instance goes down or there is a problem, we are there to help. We ensure that the systems are available, well-performing, and that users experience no unnecessary down-time.

Help Desk

Through the Help Desk, users can find self-service help through access to a knowledge database or, if the answer is not apparent, open a help desk ticket to be promptly addressed by BAO Systems support staff.

BAO Manager

Our application provides organizations with an overview of their hosted systems in a single online location, including access to log files, copies of database backups, and usage statistics.

SSL and Disk Encryption

BAO Systems utilizes A-rated SSL certificates to ensure the highest level of encryption and security for modern web browsers. We provide disk encryption, keeping data safe in transit and at rest.

100 users
$150 / month
$200 / set up fee
250 users
$250 / month
$200 / set up fee
500 users
$400 / month
$200 / set up fee
750 users
$650 / month
$200 / set up fee
1500 users
$950 / month
$200 / set up fee

Add-on features for hosting plans

BAO Systems can further tailor hosting plans to ensure every need is met.

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Implementation Support

Need to develop a DHIS2 database from scratch, implement DHIS2, set up user roles, define forms, and/or create reports? BAO Systems can provide assistance, guidance, and support on subjects ranging from designing a new DHIS2 instance to creating advanced data analytics to setting up integration between systems.

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Replication for High Availability

To ensure a system can handle high loads and constant up-time, BAO Systems can set up a DHIS2 instance with web-server replication, meaning that if one server goes down, the instance is still available. It also means that we can add new servers to increase capacity during periods when demand is high.

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Real-time Data Aggregation

Out-of-the-box, DHIS2 performs data aggregation once every day. Sometimes organizations need to make reports available immediately after importing or capturing data. The real-time data aggregation service makes data available for reports only minutes after data arrives in the system.

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Horizontal Scaling

For large scale DHIS2 hosting that requires redundancy and high availability, the BAO HZ DHIS2 SaaS offers clustering, scaling, and the ability to support large enterprise scale deployments of the DHIS2 HMIS.

Ministries of health that rely on our hosting services

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