Enterprise DHIS2

Maximize the potential of your DHIS2 deployment

Enterprise DHIS2 is a holistic suite of tools and services that empowers customers to make data-driven decisions, optimizing operations while reducing costs.

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Why Enterprise DHIS2?

Enterprise DHIS2 balances software implementation and system administration. It provides enhanced system stability and performance, tailored guidance during upgrades, rapid detection and resolution of stability issues, access to an in-depth knowledge base, and more.

The quarterly reports included will act as guidance to optimize stability and performance 
of your DHIS2 systems.

Advisory services

Packaged Enterprise Environments

BAO System’s multi-server environment 
lets you utilize Development, Test and Production environments, as well as an 
annual 1-month “upgrade” environment 
for thorough major-version upgrade testing. Customers can efficiently manage 
locally-hosted instances using the BAO Systems DHIS2 Docker image to ensure flexibility and control in your organization’s upgrade testing process.

Application Monitoring and Diagnostics

This feature equips new servers with 
pre-installed application and cloud resource monitoring tools to enable rapid detection 
of issues, accurate identification of root causes, and efficient resolution or guidance. Customers will experience a higher level 
of system performance through accelerated 
problem-solving while reducing the overall operational costs and time spent on manual troubleshooting.

Version Patching

By automatically updating clients to new patch versions within the same major version, this service saves time and reduces exposure to risk or pesky bugs, allowing your organization to focus on core operations, while enjoying enhanced stability, performance, and security.

Upgrade Assistance

Our expert team will  assess your DHIS2 configuration, features, and usage requirements against the documentation of new releases and develop a personalized upgrade approach that enables customers to make well-informed decisions.

Enterprise Knowledge Center

Exclusive to BAO Systems Enterprise Customers, this high-value repository of information aims to enhance DHIS2 proficiency by providing self-service documentation, how-to articles, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that cater to the unique needs and requirements of enterprise customers.

Custom Server Insights

This comprehensive and personalized analysis of each client’s use cases for their servers aims to empower customers 
with in-depth knowledge and insights 
into their unique implementation, helping them optimize their operations, 
foresee challenges, and make informed decisions.

Server Performance
Optimization Assessment

While the Custom Server Insights focuses on DHIS2 features, bugs, and other aspects, the assessment targets the performance and reliability of the server infrastructure, from low-level hardware components to higher-level functionalities like analytics performance and resource tables.

Advanced Security

The Advanced Security offering includes a range of advanced security features for production DHIS2 systems, such as AWS Web Application Firewall (WAF) and vulnerability scans. Customers can add-on a DAST report and VPN access. Enterprise Advanced Security offers compliance add-ons with documentation and audit support for various models.

Bundled products

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BAO Analytics Platform

Enterprise DHIS2 includes an introductory tier of the BAO Analytics Platform, which offers turn-key connectors for DHIS2 and other commonly used systems. Designed for DHIS2 integration, off-loading indicator calculations, and more, customers can unlock DHIS2’s full potential with integrated data, gain insights, and drive growth through informed decisions.


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Dharma Platform

With the Dharma Platform, customers 
can easily create and manage mobile applications for data collection and management, engagement, and social impact. The platform is compatible with iOS devices, providing clients with a range of options for collecting data on-the-go.


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Annual Training Credits

Enterprise DHIS2 includes 10 credits 
for our online, self-paced training courses to be used as needed. 
Courses are meant to supplement optimized configuration and use of DHIS2. Our flexible, self-paced training allows you to learn at the speed that 
is right for you.


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