Digital Transformation

Advance your digital maturity

We support our customers to assess their needs and deploy digital solutions at scale.

Our framework recognizes Digital Transformation is a continuous process – not an end state – and aims to provide organizations with a path to “how”. We support our partners to assess their existing digital ecosystem, craft a clear digital strategy that prioritizes business value and plans for scaling, and advise on strategies for organizational adoption, change management, and sustainability. Transformation can be small and incremental to enterprise wide based on your priorities, needs, and opportunities.

Participatory Design 
Designing solutions with end users in mind

At BAO Systems we strive to provide services and design solutions that enable our customers and partners to solve real world problems through the intuitive, effective use of tools and technology. Using Human Centered Design principles, we actively engage all stakeholders, to include project sponsors, external users, supervisory staff, and field users, in the solutioning process to design effective solutions from the perspective of the individuals who will use and interact with the system to meet mission objectives. We utilize customer segmentation and personas to create a personalization strategy for your business needs and to understand the emotional and behavioral triggers behind individual customers and stakeholder groups. We use contextual interviews, surveys, group brainstorming, design workshops, impact mapping, and prototype testing to elicit honest feedback and uncover new areas for innovation. Our process improves the usability of, satisfaction with, and faster adoption of our solutions.

Information System Assessment
Ensure your system will meet your data needs

ICT and digital technologies enable more effective and efficient implementation, however selecting the right solution for your business is dependent on factors such as capacities, time, and cost. From our vast experience building information systems, we support our customers to navigate the digital ecosystem, evaluate technologies for a “best fit” solution to meet their data needs, and develop implementation roadmaps for system adoption and scaling. We provide insights into industry standards, align solutions with each organization’s digital maturity, and ensure that the selected solution aligns with the organization’s overall strategy, culture, and capabilities. For systems already in use, our experts evaluate the performance in hardware, software, and infrastructure to ensure longevity and scalability. Through our work, we are able to determine the state of various systems and processes in place, evaluate and make recommendations based on resources available, discover any technological shortcomings, and prepare a roadmap outlining possible software and/or hardware solutions and human resources required for their implementation.

Digital Maturity Assessment
Improve the return on your digital and data investment

Our approach for conducting Maturity Assessments draws from the strengths and advantages of several industry-leading analytics maturity frameworks to create a multi-dimensional model that can help a diverse set of organizations. The BAO Systems Maturity Model assesses across five Core Process Domains: data use, culture, quality and security, integration and interoperability, and architecture. Balanced growth across these domains is most likely to maximize analytics maturity and, as a result, social impact. Our team can help you navigate across the difficult terrain of digital and analytics growth to allow you to ask deeper questions of your data, iterate faster, collaborate more broadly, and continuously learn and adapt. Results from the assessment helps our customers to develop a common language around which to coalesce vision and investment.

Change Management
Manage digital transformation to maximize adoption

People and culture is a core building block for digital transformation, and it can impact the success or failure of any digital tool. Embedded in our change management framework is to understand and modify people’s attitude toward the use of technology, and more importantly, their tolerance to change as a part of an organization’s needs to innovate. We assess aspects such as digital literacy among end users, human resources, attitude towards change, and risk tolerance. We support our customers to develop strategies for piloting, scaling, and maintaining new technologies to maximize success, including building core competencies for sustainability.

Digitizing Data Collection
Data collection made easier and more meaningful

Organizations and businesses collect data for a multitude of reasons and all seek to have timely, accurate, and complete data to drive impact and decision making. A digital system transforms the efficiency of data collection and overall data quality, reducing human error and allowing for the easier and faster transfer of data. From design to implementation to ongoing support, we work with our customers and partners to understand all aspects of their individual data needs and help them centralize their data in a single workspace, enabling program managers and technical staff to discover insights that impact lives and ensure that programs succeed and achieve actionable results.


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