Data Management

Manage data from start to finish to drive impact

Store data in a flexible, scalable, and secure data warehouse.

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Unlock the value of data through effective management

A robust data management system not only allows our partners to reliably access and govern their data but also to securely store and prepare data for analysis.

Our solutions range from small, single projects to multi-country or enterprise systems. We work with our partners to understand their data needs, design and architect scalable information management systems, and provide hosting support to those who see the time and cost benefits of leveraging a managed cloud-based installation.

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BAO Analytics Platform

The BAO Analytics Platform enables users to ingest and align multiple and varied datasets, in real-time, with our curated library of public data. The data resides in a secure cloud-based data warehouse, where it is accessible to popular machine learning (ML) and business intelligence (BI) tools.

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Data ingestion from varied sources

Select from a pre-existing connector or commission a new one to transport data from any number of data sources.

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Data alignment and cataloging

Utilize our self-service interface or receive support from our team to transform data and build scalable data models.

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Curated public dataset library access

From health to climate to demographic data, we offer a curated library of public datasets to enrich analyses.

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DHIS2 is a freely available, open-source data collection, management, and visualization platform.

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End-to-end services

From design and configuration to deployment and hosting, we take the time to understand stakeholder data needs to ensure a best-fit solution.

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App development

Our engineering team builds custom apps that extend DHIS2 functionality, ultimately improving data ownership and use.

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Capacity building

Our expert trainers transfer capacity to IT and program staff, ensuring that our partners have the necessary skills for long-term system management.

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Hosting support

We offer fully managed hosting support so that organizations can focus on using data rather than actively managing the hosting environment.

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Use case

DHIS2 as centralized data management platform

BAO Systems supported Pact to configure and develop its global, centralized DHIS2 instance that houses all country/project data and metadata. Global indicators are centrally reported from 44 countries. Countries with established, locally managed DHIS2 instances automatically feed data into the central instance via BAO Systems’ Integration Driver.

Implementation of a centralized data warehouse together with automated data exchange has improved standardized reporting of key organizational performance indicators, staff and resource efficiencies, and focus on using data for decision making.

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