DHIS2 Utility Suite

Amplify DHIS2 ease-of use with our utility tools

BAO Systems’ Utility Suite increases efficiency and simplifies DHIS2 processes, conserving precious organizational resources.

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BAO Import Foundry (BIF)

BIF is a user-friendly configuration tool used to quickly and easily create metadata objects in bulk upload form. Using a standard format CSV file uploaded via BIF, the metadata objects are then created in DHIS2 saving users time bypassing complex API configuration or directly using the DHIS2 interface. BIF is made up of a series of modules, each designed to create specific metadata objects in DHIS2 form. The tool allows users to create all of their metadata objects in one shot.

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dAtaZ a partner app to BIF, enables the bulk import of data into DHIS2’s aggregate, event, and tracker programs utilizing a set of standardized CSV templates. Utilizing our tool, users can quickly migrate historical data rather than laboriously enter data by hand.