BAO Integration Suite

Streamline data flow to improve decision making

BAO Integration Suite connects commonly used systems and facilitates automated data exchange, exponentially increasing efficiencies over time.

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DHIS2-to-Power BI and DHIS2-to-Tableau Connectors

A growing number of DHIS2 users see a need for more advanced analytics capabilities beyond the software’s core functionality. Our freely available DHIS2-to-Power BI and DHIS2-to-Tableau Connectors enable quick, user friendly data flow, allowing individuals to integrate data sources, create more complex calculations, and access a large selection of data visualizations.

How it works

  • Connect to DHIS2 using login credentials
  • Load data field and values for querying
  • Optimize data model to maximize flexibility
  • Refresh with the latest data
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KoBo-to-DHIS2 Connector

KoBo Toolbox is a suite of tools built on ODK for field data collection that can be used in challenging environments. While deployment of KoBo is quick and easy, users face challenges with efficiently analyzing data.

Minimal user interaction

Our Kobo-to-DHIS2 Connector is a user-friendly tool that pulls data from KoBo into DHIS2 with minimal user interaction, allowing KoBo data to be analyzed with the powerful analytics tools within DHIS2.

Relevant data selection

During integration, users can select which data elements to create in DHIS2, eliminating import of extraneous metadata.

How it works

  • Connect to KoBo using login credentials
  • Import metadata from selected Kobo forms into DHIS2
  • Import data values
  • Refresh with the latest data
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BAO Integration Driver

Facilitate data flow between DHIS2 instances

Leveraging the DHIS2 API, our Integration Driver facilitates data flow between two or more DHIS2 instances. Basic transformations can be performed during the process, including data aggregation and calculation of new indicators.

Once datasets are mapped between systems, routes are defined and set up in a manager portal to define the direction of data flow, the source and destination API, and the frequency in which data will flow.

Become more efficient

Use of the Integration Driver improves the efficiency and effectiveness of health information systems, enables integrated analytics, and improves data availability, accessibility, and quality.

How it works

  • Map metadata between source and destination DHIS2 instances
  • Define routes and data flow direction
  • Trigger scheduled data exchange
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