Learning for impact

We use adult learning principles in our training approach 
to enable you to gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills 
to maximize your potential.

We retain approximately 10% of what we see; 30% to 40% of what we see and hear; and 90% of what we see, hear, and do. Our training approach is designed with our participants in mind and accommodates visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles. We offer a range of training options from flexible, self-paced courses to interactive training events to custom training tailored to your needs.

Training Programs
Build expertise through training programs

Build knowledge and expertise by completing full training programs. These programs are thoughtfully designed to cover all the essential topics in a given area. Our training programs build upon the knowledge learned in previous training, allowing you to build skills, master topics and specialize in particular areas.

Meet long-term goals
Continue to build knowledge to meet long-term training goals 
Targeted training 
Focused training for topics of specialization 
Gain the full spectrum of training
Understand all the essential knowledge and skills for a particular topic 
High impact 
Complete programs to master topics and be fully trained in a given area 
Custom Training
Whether your organization is small or large, local or international, new or experienced, we can customize the right training program for you

Through our customized training, your organization gets a personalized training experience, as our experts work closely with you to tailor training to your specific needs and goals. This targeted training approach allows our dedicated team to quickly target key training areas and rapidly build capacity in your organization. Our team will make sure your organization is fully trained on everything they need to effectively implement projects and meet your organization’s mission. 

DHIS2 Training Events
Attend a live training event for an interactive experience

Our live training events make learning interactive and engaging. Hear directly from expert instructors in a dynamic setting, and learn about the latest DHIS2 features and newest updates. Enjoy Q&A sessions for immediate feedback and instant help with your training needs. These training events also provide a great opportunity to meet and engage with DHIS2 community members in other organizations. Our training events are regularly scheduled and taught by our expert instructors.

Self-Paced Training
Learn at the speed that is right for you

Learn on your own time through our self-paced courses. Our flexible, self-paced training allows you to learn at the speed that is right for you. This means you can start and stop as you need, and refer back to materials at any time. No matter your time zone or busy schedule, you can access the best training courses anywhere, anytime.

With our BAO Learn Platform, powered by Moodle, self-paced course training materials can be accessed offline. BAO Learn also offers the place for organizations to keep all of their customized self-paced training courses in one place.

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