BAO Edge

Bringing scalable server power to point of care

BAO Edge brings applications to every remote and rural location and provide the on-site collection, management, analysis and use of healthcare data.

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Protected data

Automatically creates system backups that can easily be taken off site. Data storage is encrypted at rest and in transit.

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No field technicians needed

No technician is required on-site to install, fix, or upgrade software.

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Easy to install

Applications are pre-installed and remotely managed, monitored, and upgraded.

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Small and light-weight

A rear-mounted fan provides efficient, full-system cooling, making BAO Edge well-suited for a range of environments.

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When to use BAO Edge?

Why use BAO Edge?

Governments, donors, multilateral aid and development organizations, academic and research organizations, commercial entities, and faith-based organizations invest billions of dollars each year to improve the health care of citizens in low and medium income countries (LMICs) across the globe. These organizations realize that data are key to affecting real improvements in health care. Ethical use, privacy protection, and data sovereignty make collecting health care data challenging in any country and health care workers in LMICs and conflict areas face additional obstacles such as lack of funding and poor infrastructure when using information technology for data collection.
In situations where cloud hosting is not an option, organizations are forced to host applications  locally, which can be difficult, particularly due to a lack of a reliable power grid,skilled computer technicians and temperature control required for server equipment. This makes standard rack-mounted servers impractical or unusable. There are often no data centers or data closets.

A hosting solution for every location

BAO Edge is designed to bring applications to every remote and rural location and provide the 
on-site collection, management, analysis and use of healthcare data. It enables organizations and agencies to deploy the reliable, scalable computing power of commonly used software, like DHIS2, OpenMRS, OpenClinic, and other commonly used inventory, medical, and HR systems at the edge, on-premises at thousands of locations, in the same way they leverage applications in the cloud.

As a platform as a service (PaaS), BAO Edge provides a solution that  enables organizations to deploy reliable, scalable compute power at the edge, on-premise at thousands of locations, in the same way that they deploy compute power in the cloud.

  • Protects data sovereignty
  • Data redundancy and backup options
  • Serves multiple data collection purposes
  • Low power usage
  • No technical skills needed to deploy
  • Protects patient privacy
  • Eliminates the need for special devices
  • Low cost
  • No air conditioning needed
  • Remotely maintained by administrators

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