BAO Edge

Bringing DHIS2 to every remote location

BAO Systems has created a solution for reliable onsite DHIS2 hosting.

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No special equipment

Can be placed almost anywhere. Low cost.

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Easy to install and manage

No onsite technicians required. Preinstalled software. Stackable units to scale your computing power. Remotely updated and maintained.

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Internet not required

Rapid scalability in a private cloud environment.

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Built-in battery backup for power outages. No data loss in the event of system disruption.

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When to use BAO Edge?

When data should remain in-country

Some countries require patient data to physically remain within sovereign borders; therefore cloud based DHIS2 is not an option.

When broadband Internet connectivity is unavailable or unstable

Connection failures result in the system becoming unavailable.
Hard to find locations where Internet access is limited and unaffordable.

Latency Issues

In some cases, high latency can directly impact software system efficiency.

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Technical specs

  • 64-bit ARMv8 Nvidia TX2
  • 6 CPU cores, 2.4GHz
  • 256 GPU CUDA cores
  • 500GB SSD
  • 3x 1G Ethernet
  • Wifi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac dual-band 2×2 MIMO
  • Size 220x175x65 mm
  • Weight 1.36 kg (3.0 lbs)
  • Power 15W (Max25W)

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