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When BAO Systems was founded, we focused on DHIS2 hosting services and quickly grew to become leaders in end-to-end DHIS2 implementation. Over the years, our intimate relationship with our partners has given us insight into their specific needs and the daily challenges they face. 

We have come to recognize that several of our partners encounter the common challenges of high staff turnover, remote working, and accommodating staff across global offices and time zones. These have a significant impact on organizational training, creating difficulties with training consistency, scheduling conflicts for international locations or unreliable internet connection for attending live virtual training.

Knowledge is power, at your fingertips

To help our partners overcome their training challenges, we have transformed our most popular, fundamental DHIS2 training courses into a self-paced learning format. Now on their own time, program managers, monitoring and evaluation staff, system administrators, and other learners can take the courses on Aggregate Configuration, Aggregate Analytics and Event & Tracker Analytics. Not confined to certain time zones, they can start and stop as often needed, refer back to materials at any time, and receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

At BAO Systems, we empower our partners to implement scalable and sustainable solutions that uncover data-driven insights to improve livelihoods, strengthen health systems, and achieve equitable human development. Training is another way that we contribute to empowerment. Our dedicated training team, with a wide range of knowledge including project implementation, software engineering, data analysis, education, epidemiology, has carefully designed the foundational DHIS2 training courses to cover the essential, need-to-know DHIS2 topics. 

Our self-paced courses were launched last month and enthusiastic learners have already provided positive feedback. One says, “great training that touched upon a number of key areas in which I needed orientation and/or refresher.” “The self-pace structure made it flexible and all of the content will greatly help me support our projects that transition to DHIS2,” comments another. 

One size does not fit all

We also respond to our partners’ training needs by offering customized training courses. Through these specifically designed courses, organizations receive a personalized training experience, as our experts work closely with organizations to tailor training to their specific needs, goals and DHIS2 instance. After receiving our custom training, one partner said, “Let me try to express my deep gratitude to BAO for their excellent trainers’ skill and excellent training material designed to meet the training objectives.” This targeted training approach allows our dedicated team to quickly target key training areas and rapidly build capacity within an organization. 

Custom training is always unique for each individual organization, but often includes: configuring and training for a specific DHIS2 instance, creating customized training materials and documentation, and custom training for staff.

Empowering others

We regularly “train the trainers”, where we train key members within an organization who will be responsible for building the capacity of other staff members. These organizational trainers use the customized training materials we develop to facilitate their own live training or offer tailored self-paced material for their organization. 

Our custom training provides organizational trainers the confidence needed to facilitate and deliver effective DHIS2 training within their organization. BAO’s training team makes sure each organization is fully trained on all of the necessary aspects needed to implement projects and are well equipped to meet their organization’s mission.

Learn more

Our training gives individuals the confidence and experience they need to support their organization at a higher level. To learn more about our self-paced or custom training, as well as training programs and events, we invite you to visit our website or contact the BAO Systems training team at


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