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Having the right information is a critical step toward data driven insights

Data collection can be a burdensome activity, yet collecting data is the critical first step for discovering insights that impact lives and in ensuring that programs succeed and achieve actionable results. At BAO Systems, we will work with you to understand your specific data collection needs and provide assistance to select, design, configure, and deploy a best-fit data collection platform.

Data collection made easier

Organizations collect data for a multitude of reasons and all seek to have timely, accurate, and complete data to drive impact and decision making. A digital system will transform the efficiency of data collection and overall data quality, reducing human error and allowing for the faster transfer of data.

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Routine monitoring and evaluation

From design to data entry, real-time analytics, and data dissemination, we help our partners run a complex workflow of data all within a single workspace, enabling program managers and technical staff to easily track progress towards program objectives. Through customized data validation rules, we help assure the quality of collected data before it is used.

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Use Case: Real-time data collection to drive daily decision making about IRS campaign activity

BAO Systems supports data capture, management, analysis, reporting, and use for the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) VectorLink project, which focuses on malaria elimination through indoor residual spraying (IRS). BAO Systems led the architecture, design, development, implementation, and scaling of the PMI VectorLink multi-country data system, built on DHIS2…..Read More

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Case management and longitudinal tracking

Whether it is an individual being tracked over time or a commodity moving through a value chain, access to granular data improves program insights. We work with partners to collect data on patients receiving HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment services, students enrolled in education programs, essential vaccines and medicines as they are delivered to a health facility, and more.

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Use Case: Seeing results over time in Uganda

HealthRight International is a global health and human rights organization. They believe that health is a human right, and recognize that all over the world, especially in low- and middle-income countries, marginalized communities such as vulnerable women and children, people living with or at elevated risk for HIV, refugees, asylum seekers, internally displaced people, and survivors of trafficking, survivors of gender-based or intimate partner violence, have worse health outcomes than the general population…..Read More

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Cross-sectional surveys

Ad hoc and routine surveys are invaluable to informing program planning and evaluation, and can be implemented to assess program access, coverage, and quality. Using digital tools to conduct surveys reduces paper waste and improves efficiencies in data collection and analysis, preserving precious resources.

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Use Case: Palm Beach County annual homeless survey

In January 2019, Palm Beach County, Florida digitally produced their annual survey of homeless persons for the first time. Not only was outreach improved to vulnerable members of the community than previous years, but the county saved tens of thousands of hours previously spent in subsequent data collection efforts. Through Dharma Platform’s mobile data collection application, Palm Beach County officially completed surveys……Read More

Powerful data collection tools

Collecting data is an early step in the data lifecycle that is critical when attempting to discover data driven insights that impact lives. BAO Systems harnesses the power of two well-established and supported platforms ─ our Dharma Platform and the open source DHIS2 platform ─ to enable users to efficiently collect data for analysis. We help our partners to select, design, configure, and deploy a best-fit data collection platform.

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Dharma Platform

Using Dharma Platform, individuals with little-to-no technical or coding expertise can rapidly design and deploy their data collection instruments on any device, with or without connectivity.

Our platform provides a complete, out-of-the-box, secure, enterprise-level solution to equip organizations with the tools and insights to quickly maximize their impact in the world.

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DHIS2 is a widely used open source data collection, management, and analytics platform that can be tailored to meet organizational needs without excessive upfront costs.

BAO Systems is a trusted leader in DHIS2 design, configuration, app development, deployment, and hosting. We offer standard and customized training, ranging from fundamentals to advanced analytics.

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In-depth product feature comparison for Dharma Platform and DHIS2

Dharma Platform


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Data models

Aggregate data check-image check-image
Case management check-image check-image
Individual data collection check-image check-image

Operating system

Web browser check-image check-image
Android check-image check-image
iOS check-image
SMS check-image

Offline functionality

Offline data collection check-image check-image
MESH networking check-image


No code customization check-image check-image
Data validation rules check-image check-image
Decision support and logic tools check-image check-image
GIS functionality check-image check-image
Bulk metadata import and update check-image
CSV data upload check-image check-image
Excel data upload check-image
Multiple language interface check-image check-image


Descriptive statistics check-image check-image
Indicator calculations check-image check-image
Data export check-image check-image

Data visualization

Pivot tables check-image
Charts/graphs check-image check-image
Maps check-image check-image
Filtering check-image check-image
Customizable dashboard check-image
Alerts and notification check-image


Open API check-image
Customer connectors check-image check-image
ADX check-image
FHIR check-image
DHIS2 check-image check-image

Access, security, and hosting

Role-based access and permissions check-image check-image
On-site hosting check-image
Cloud-based hosting check-image check-image


Licensing Proprietary Open source
Configuration level of difficulty Easy Moderate
Design to deployment time Hours to days Weeks

Services we offer

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Select and design a best-fit platform.

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Customize the selected platform to meet data collection and analysis needs.

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Build capacity and ownership to continuously manage, maintain, and use the platform.

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Launch and initiate data collection.

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Provide ongoing technical and implementation support to maximize sustainability.