Why we’re rebranding

BAO Systems is excited to unveil our refreshed brand and website, which better reflects our growing array of products and services that empower decision makers to improve lives through sustainable technology. 

When BAO Systems was founded, we focused on DHIS2 hosting services and quickly grew to become leaders in end-to-end DHIS2 implementation. Over the years, our intimate relationship with our partners has helped us to identify and develop new products and services that meet their evolving and diverse needs. Our products and services provide a broad range of powerful and flexible solutions to solve complex data collection, aggregation, integration, and analysis challenges in global health and development. This expansion enables us to offer end-to-end data solution design and implementation in addition to our well established technical advising and capacity building services.

Some of our new products include:

Dharma Platform

Dharma Platform enables people with little-to-no technical expertise to rapidly design, implement, and scale a powerful mobile data collection and analysis tool, regardless of connectivity or language, on any device. This is an out-of-the-box, solution to equip organizations with the tools and insights to quickly maximize their impact on the world.

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BAO Analytics Platform

BAO Analytics Platform can be used to ingest and align multiple and varied datasets, in real-time, with our curated catalog of public data, in a secure cloud based data warehouse, where data is accessible to popular machine learning and business intelligence tools. With this tool users can combine worlds of data to discover innovative insights.

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What about our DHIS2 implementation services?

Our product and service expansion does not mean that we are moving away from our core DHIS2 implementation services. On the contrary, our team has been hard at work developing products that expand the functionality of DHIS2.

For instance, our BAO Integration Suite includes DHIS2-to-Power BI and DHIS2-to-Tableau connectors that allow individuals to effortlessly integrate data sources, create more complex calculations, and access a large selection of data visualizations.

We have built a Dharma Platform-to-DHIS2 connector that allows Dharma Platform users to aggregate data from multiple data collection projects into a central DHIS2 environment.

We have also designed our BAO Analytics Platform to easily pull in data from DHIS2, so that collected information can be further analyzed through integration with other data sources.

We always strive to produce the highest quality work to exceed our partners’ expectations and this cornerstone value will remain unchanged. Our clients simply now have a broader menu of cutting-edge products and services from which to choose.

These past couples of years have been filled with rapid growth due to our clients’ trust in our company and dedicated employees. We thank you for taking this journey with us and look forward to continuing to jointly pioneer new frontiers in digital solutions for health and development. 

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We’ll make you happy when skies are gray

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BAO Systems launches BAO Analytics Platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace

Through the AWS Marketplace, BAO Systems empowers more organizations with analytics for faster, better insights to make informed decisions and improve lives.
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Boston University leverages AI and emerging mobile health tech in course with BAO Experts

Boston University School of Public Health master’s students now have the opportunity to learn how to leverage cutting edge mobile technology to improve health outcomes.
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Going beyond the face of DHIS2 – BAO Systems launches two DHIS2 Web API self-paced training courses

These self-paced courses are for practitioners, implementers, and administrators who want to harness the power of DHIS2 and use DHIS2’s API to extend beyond the manual user interface. 
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