Secure, Scalable & Compliant Hosting of DHIS 2 in the Cloud
BAO offers the perfect DHIS 2 environment, providing hosting, support, consulting and development to clients large and small.
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Let us do the dirty work
Don't feel like buying servers, hiring system administrators and configuring all the components in a DHIS 2 server setup? Then let BAO Systems take care of it. We get you up and running with a properly configured DHIS 2 instance in minutes.
Focus on information, not servers
BAO Systems takes care of all the aspects of hosting the application, like system upgrades, reliable backups, automatic scaling and minimal down-time. This allows you to focus on what's important: using information, measuring results and doing data analysis.
Get the support you need
From time to time you might get stuck with technical issues. Then it's reassuring to know that you can turn to BAO Systems support, provided by people with deep knowledge of DHIS 2. We help you with anything from technical problems to how to design a great system.
BAO hosting comes with lots of useful features for making your information system a success.
"Outsourcing the management of our servers means that we can deliver DHIS 2 faster without worrying about technical problems and focus on what really matters: measuring results. BAO's deep knowledge of DHIS 2 provides us with highly responsive quality support."
- Daniel Messer, CIO at PSI
Managed HIS hosting
With over 15 years of hosting experience, BAO Systems provide turn-key solutions leveraging cloud computing to provide managed services for a variety of health information software. We make sure that your information system is reliable and that you sleep well at night.
Scalable and secure
BAO Systems delivers DHIS 2 as a service which lets you start small and cheap and scale up when you need it - you pay only for what you need. We keep your data safe and secure through measures such as intrusion detection and encryption, giving you one less thing to worry about.
BAO hosting comes in a wide range of plans, letting you choose the right one for your project.
BAO Systems was founded by seasoned health information system professionals. Put our winning combination of industry knowledge and technical expertise to work for your organization! We can help with planning, assessments, system design, integration and much more.
Software development
Our dedicated team includes software developers with deep insight and core development experience in DHIS 2 and other health information software. We can build customized extensions and apps in order to support your specialized requirements and needs.