Author: Margarida Pereira

This publicly available platform offers a range of data that crosses demographics, health, agriculture and food security, climate, and other sectors.
Imagine you are spearheading a COVID-19 vaccination campaign and 100 new data collectors urgently need DHIS2 accounts. With the BAO Import Foundry, you can now mass import users.
How can we more easily integrate data across these systems to holistically analyze our data and generate better insights?
“I thought it will probably be a one-off, since in-person training will resume again soon. At the time I didn’t realize how wrong I was.” BAO Systems’ Training Manager debunks online training myth.
The Dharma platform provides the tools for insights into programs and impact.
BAO Edge brings DHIS2 hosting to every remote location and addresses data collection, management, and analysis challenges like ethical use, privacy protection and sovereignty.
BAO Systems has helped PEPFAR build the User Support team and help desk tool from the ground.