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At BAO Systems we are passionate about building capacity to configure, collect, and analyze data to inform decision making. The technology is just the start: developing and strengthening the skills, abilities, processes, and resources of the DHIS 2 community to be able to sustainably manage information is critical to system success. Participants in BAO-facilitated trainings will gain the knowledge and confidence to successfully set up, design, and maintain DHIS 2 systems, with a focus on interactive, real-world examples and experiences to inform learning

We offer a variety of DHIS 2 trainings covering everything from the basics of end-user training to advance configuration and system administration.
So whether you are a beginner interested in knowing the basics or an organization looking to scale, we can tailor a training to meet your goals.

DHIS 2 Fundamentals

The DHIS 2 Fundamentals Training is designed to provide an overview of the DHIS 2 platform to those who have little or no exposure to the software. The training covers the basics of use and features of DHIS 2. It will be particularly useful for individuals hoping to evaluate the appropriateness of DHIS 2 for their organization or use case. Interactive exercises are included throughout the course.

DHIS 2 Configuration

The DHIS 2 Configuration Training focuses on simplified approaches and tools that can be used to set up projects in DHIS 2. Participants will also be introduced to different data exchange solutions and processes between DHIS 2 instances as well as the migration of legacy data from other systems. To get the most out of this training, some prior exposure to DHIS 2 is required; however, facilitators will cover the basics and main building blocks of the system. At the end of this training, participants will have hands-on experience on front-end configuration, importing configuration, and integration and data migration.

Custom Trainings

BAO Systems’ training staff can also tailor training to meet the needs of your organization and routinely sets up training-of-trainer, in-country end-user trainings, and data use training for groups and clients of all sizes. Contact us to learn more and we can arrange a curriculum and agenda to meet your training needs.