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These self-paced courses are for practitioners, implementers, and administrators who want to harness the power of DHIS2 and use DHIS2’s API to extend beyond the manual user interface. 
We’re back for the 7th annual DHIS2 Symposium! While the look and feel has changed, the quality remains the same. As the world attempts to heal from the past year, we want to provide the opportunity for the entire DHIS2 community to come together.
Harvard researcher uses Dharma Platform as paperless solution for health surveillance in Madagascar’s remote communities.
Seeking a system to accurately collect longitudinal and case management data in a timely manner on program outputs, outcomes, and impact, HealthRight International chose BAO Systems’ Dharma Platform to meet their needs.
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“Today’s decisions impact tomorrow.” Steffen Tengesdal, BAO Systems’ CEO, reflects on 2020.
BAO Systems’ curated library of datasets spanning different sectors is now publicly and freely available.
When stakeholders and systems work together towards the common goal of an AIDS free world, progress can be made.
Save time, money, and mistakes using BAO Systems’ Dharma Platform new case management and DHIS2 integration features.
BAO Systems contributes to improve the survival and development of children and sustainably transform the health of the population through WASH in DRC.
‘Many thanks BAO Systems for making this “dream” become true!’