Digitally healing societies together

By Nina Langli, Business Operations Manager, and Rachel Zink, Training and Knowledge Specialist

We’re back for the 7th annual DHIS2 Symposium! While the look and feel has changed, the quality remains the same.

The global pandemic forced us to make significant last-minute changes to the 2020 DHIS2 Symposium. We moved the date to September and held the event completely online. We missed meeting in person, but we were thrilled to see the great interest shown by so many around the world in meeting and networking with other members of the DHIS2 community and sharing and being inspired by the many diverse DHIS2 use cases. 

As the world attempts to heal from the past year, we want to provide the opportunity for the entire DHIS2 community to come together. This year, the DHIS2 Symposium will be free of charge to all participants. It is our aim to make this virtual Symposium accessible, engaging, interactive and a global experience, while highlighting how DHIS2 is being used in creative ways to solve common challenges in collecting, managing, visualizing, and most importantly, using data.  

During the Symposium, technical experts from BAO Systems will lead Bootcamps on various DHIS2 topics for those who want to further enhance their DHIS2 knowledge and capabilities. Topics include the innovative Program Dataset Connector App (PDAC), new analytic features in the Data Visualizer and Maps applications, Introduction to datimutils – an R-based DHIS2 api wrapper for analysts, SMS Gateway Configuration, and the BAO DHIS2 Docker (self-service env’s), among others.

To become a speaker, and find more information and updates, please visit the DHIS2 Symposium website.

Click here to directly register for the 7th DHIS2 Symposium


Learn API, Optimize DHIS2

In keeping with tradition, BAO Systems’ expert capacity builders will hold a specialized in-person DHIS2 training course following the Symposium, on September 30. Responding to an increased demand from practitioners, implementers, and  administrators wanting to use DHIS2 in more efficient ways that extends beyond the manual user interface, BAO’s training team has developed a course that provides an introduction to DHIS2 Web API.

This course is aimed at any user wanting to learn more about the DHIS2 Web API, what it is and how it can be leveraged to support DHIS2 maintenance and configuration. For example, viewing all or a subset of metadata and data in the system. Learners will discover the basic principles of REST APIs and how to apply them to DHIS2, including the types of requests, and the operators and filters that can be used to retrieve metadata and data in DHIS2 in the way that best suits individual needs.

Click here for a direct link to registration 

Learn more about this course and meet the facilitators here.


The 7th DHIS2 Symposium will be held virtually on September 28-29, 2021. This 2-day event, organized and hosted by BAO Systems, brings together representatives from global development agencies, governments, and NGOs with a shared vision of using data to drive decision making and impact. It is an opportunity to interact with peers and thought leaders in health systems strengthening, monitoring & evaluation, and analytics. 


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Going beyond the face of DHIS2 – BAO Systems launches two DHIS2 Web API self-paced training courses

These self-paced courses are for practitioners, implementers, and administrators who want to harness the power of DHIS2 and use DHIS2’s API to extend beyond the manual user interface. 
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Send aggregated data directly from Dharma to Salesforce

Sending aggregated data directly from Dharma to Salesforce will allow users to access, analyze, and act on program progress and data within the context of other key indicators and information within Salesforce.
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Us vs them: how BAO Systems fights security breaches and cyber threats

Using our established critical incident response process, BAO Systems took immediate action to protect over 400 managed cloud-based DHIS2 instances from one of the most serious vulnerabilities ever experienced in the digital world.
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Strengthening data use to achieve greater HIV program impact

BAO Systems teamed with FHI 360 and others to develop a standardized tracker metadata package for HIV programs.
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